Which Way Up? The bloke’s guide to your New Human by Jeremy Corbett

I’ll start with a disclaimer: this book is not a guide. If you choose to follow some of the things that I have done, then it’s on you, pal. Written as I awaited the birth of my second child, this book is a collection of stories about my experiences, as a man, in the creation and maintenance of a New Human. And given that she is awesome, I felt it only fair that I should share my wisdom with you, so that you too can have the best human possible.

Which Way Up200So whether you are a long-time parent, a new parent, a surprised parent, avoiding being a parent or just thinking about becoming a parent, I wish you all the best in your contribution to the continuation of the species.

Three things every man should know before embarking on dadhood: When your partner is pregnant, never confuse ‘big’ with ‘fat’. Use the pregnant wife card to your advantage. Sometimes I wished people would call me into a meeting just so I could say, ‘Sorry . . . pregnant wife. Must go.’ No questions asked. Once you have created a New Human you will need to schedule time together with your Old Human.  (Never call her this out loud.)

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