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Satellite Outperforms ADSL in TrueNet Study

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Media Release – for immediate release

Satellite consistently outperformed traditional copper ADSL connectivity according to TrueNet’s recently released March – May 2015 speed test results for rural internet usage.

TrueNet is an independent company dedicated to the accurate measurement and reporting of broadband performance.

Wireless Nation’s technical director Tom Linn says he is pleased the study offers demonstrable evidence of satellite’s advantages.

“We have known for a long time that satellite speeds are better in rural areas, so it’s great to have a study that proves this.

“Rural communities’ access to internet connectivity has the potential to transform their business. It can impact on their children’s educational outcomes, and also on the ability for people living in rural areas to keep abreast of what is happening around the country,” says Mr Linn.

John Butt, who runs TrueNet, says that the average webpage download time for its satellite sample is comparable to urban copper.

“Satellite is a good option if your connection requires a very long copper line to the nearest exchange equipment. Off-peak satellite speeds are typically 9-10Mb/s and sometimes better,” says Mr Butt.

Wireless Nation operates New Zealand’s fastest, most reliable satellite broadband for rural New Zealanders. The company uses the powerful Optus satellite network with speeds of up to 10Mbps, which has “hot” signal strength over New Zealand. It uses smart data acceleration and caching technology providing users with a smooth and fast browsing experience.

To sign up for Wireless Nation satellite or for more information, go to or call 0800 101 148.


For further information contact: Penny Hartill, director, hPR 09 445 7525, 021 721 424,

Editor’s Notes:
Wireless Nation is a New Zealand based Internet Service Provider that provides fast broadband to homes and businesses throughout New Zealand. Since 2005, Wireless Nation has consistently provided fast broadband anywhere it’s needed, from apartments in Auckland’s CBD to the remote Chatham Islands. Rural communities in particular benefit from Wireless Nation’s powerful Optus satellite network, which has a high look angle so is reliable, less prone to rain fade and less likely to have line of sight issues.  It also offers fixed line broadband and Voice over IP (VOIP).

It has partnerships with ASB Rural, PGG Wrightson, leading rural insurer FMG, and accounting software and payroll solution provider MYOB. For more information, call 0800 101 143 or visit

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