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Two Kiwi class acts go global

Kimbra is loving the bespoke ring designed for her by my client, The Inspired Collection. The statement ring, is hand crafted in sterling silver and features an oversized disc sitting atop a band with a cut out of the initial ‘K’.

Inspired Collection’s Chris Benham tells us how they came to create this amazing piece for Kimbra. Chris says: “The ring came about after catching up with Kimbra at our family bach at Christmas. We were chatting about our jewellery design business and I mentioned to her that it would be really cool to design a ring that personified her creative style. I suggested the idea to Ian Douglas our Creative Director and the image of the ring immediately sprang to mind. A mental image of her with hands out turned, a bounce in her step, and an offbeat ‘flouncy’ little skirt – a look to us that cried out for a ring to go with it. Her style is fun, quirky and wonderfully Kiwi, so we wanted to design a ring that showcased that style.

In keeping with the fun style and nature of the ring we wanted to keep it as a surprise for her. She was working at the time with legendary producer Van Dyke Parks to play with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Silverchair lead singer Daniel Johns in Adelaide, so we arranged for Kimbra’s mum to deliver it personally just before the show. She loved it!

Our aim with the ring was to create something that really spoke of Kimbra, something larger than life, fun and offbeat. A normal sized ring just wouldn’t have cut it. Hence the need to create something bold, simple and beautiful. We wanted a ring that, along with her, had stage presence.”