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Contact hPR for winning awards publicity

I was media consultant to the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards and the New Zealand Post Book Awards (formerly Montana New Zealand Book Awards) for six years.

As the awards are the highest accolades a New Zealand author can hope to achieve in their own country, I was lucky enough to work with the nation’s most talented emerging and established writers.

Each year, the Awards generate significant media coverage – of the awards themselves, the judges, the finalists and the winners. The Award’s coverage not only impacted on the winners’ book sales, but also on publishers’ reputations and that of the book industry as a whole. It was a significant responsibility and one I relished, working determinedly to achieve maximum media coverage for all stakeholders.

In 2011, Margaret Mahy won the New Zealand Post Book of the Year. Understandably, media attention was substantial. Capturing interest required judicious judgement – balancing the needs of a very popular writer, the need to negotiate due editorial space was devoted to her win and the need, on behalf of the book industry, to generate media for all of the winners’ books.

Media managing these awards required working with the chief reporters of virtually every newspaper and radio station in the country; national content editors at Fairfax, Reuters and APN; the bureau chiefs, producers, reporters across national TV networks; arts, literary and news websites; literary bloggers and radio show producers.

The role meant always thinking outside the square for new angles, in addition to news announcements and coverage with literary media.

The coverage generated grew year-on-year and was valued in the many millions.